Are you ready to make wearable art? Here’s your opportunity…..

Passionate about playing with paper? I am excited about applying and making a work for this exhibition. This opportunity could be perfect for you too!

Primrose Paper Arts Inc.

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Artisan Markets this Christmas

happenstore 2

Where to find me and my jewellery up to Christmas!

I am looking forward to being part of Gifted at the Happenstore.

2nd December, 10am to 4pm

55 Parramatta Road, Annandale.

stanley st

29th November to 22 December.

Stanley Street Gallery
1/52-54 Stanley Street

tramshed market

Romana will be at Artisan Gift Market

9th & 10th December, 10am to 3pm

Tramsheds, 1 Dalgal Way, Forest Lodge


WoodPaperSilk is a treasured stockist.

An Inner West gallery with a beautiful collection of art and artisan made wares.

4 Victoria Street Lewisham, Sydney NSW 2049

Open Monday to Friday 9 – 6pm Saturday 9 – 4pm

I would love to for you to visit!

A Handmade Life Exhibition


It has been quite a journey to be ready for this exhibition.

Now it is up, I am relieved the work is done (for now), but also so impressed with the strong, beautiful work that my fellow artists have created.

Gallery Hours

Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm

Sunday 10am to 4pm

Closing Drinks on Sunday the 22nd October.

Each artist will be taking a turn on gallery duty so there will always be someone on hand to talk about the artworks and makers. The 22nd is the day we are having closing drinks. Chat with the artists, pick up your art purchases or decide to buy one you have been wavering about, all with a glass of bubbles or a fortifying brew from Young Henry’s who kindly supported our opening night and the upcoming closing drinks.

Thanks Young Henry’s and thank you to all who came and made our opening night such a success.

Be sure to check out some of the other Craft Events under The Sydney Craft Week banner.

Ciao for now




the creatory pop-up

Copy of Copy of the creatory pop up

hello hello!

Gill and I have organised another Pop Up Shop to coincide with The Inner West Open Studio Trail

We have gathered together some of the Inner West’s vibrant, creative talent for this event

so expect to see some fresh and beautiful creations.

Thursday the 11th of May we are opening the doors at 10 am.

Come and join us on Thursday evening with a glass of champers

from 5pm to 9pm

Wood Paper Silk across the road is also on the trail, so pop in and see the

‘Well Cushioned’ Community Challenge Exhibition they are installing for the Studio Trail.


Pop Up Hours:

Thursday 11th May, 10am to 9pm

Friday 12th May, 10am to 6pm

Saturday 13th May, 10am to 5pm

Sunday 14th May, Mother’s Day, 11am to 3pm.

Friday 19th May, 10am to 6pm

Saturday 20th May, 10am to 5pm

Sunday 21st may, 11am to 3pm.

See work by:

Julia Flanagan of Frejj Leather accessories.

Rowan Sivyer of Little Rowan Redhead illustration

Kim Davies handmade creations

Gill Brookes of Feltwilde Handmade Felt

Romana Toson of Tiger Talisman Design Jewellery

Box People wood works

Margaret Daszkiewicz of Red Hedgehog crochet jewellery

Lorrie of Shu Shu Leather

Creative Lives: Vicki Mason, Contemporary Jeweller.

Vicki Mason is a Melbourne based Contemporary Jeweller

I was lucky enough to see ‘Dry’, an exhibition of Vicki’s recent work at Gallery 20/17 in Sydney.

Her beautifully resolved, wearable forms are creations inspired from her exploration of dry climate plants and the significance of water in the garden.

In 2015, Vicki completed an Australia Council for the Arts Residency in Barcelona and

‘Dry’ is a collection of works she has created since her return.

Vicki says of her time in Barcelona,

‘I was able to do enough research to keep me inspired for the next five years’.


Title: Fountain and pool series

Materials: Powder coated brass, sterling silver, oxidised sterling silver, hand-dyed cotton, cotton, leather

Dimensions: Largest – 8.4 x 8.4 x 2.2 cm

Photographer: Andrew Barcham

“Her fountains and pools series taps into the poetic approach to water seen in Islamic gardening traditions. These ornamental garden features bring the cool, reflective, musical and playful characteristics of water to the garden, while at the same time often serving the function of irrigating its plants”.


Title: Ripple cool pool. 2016.

Materials: Powder coated brass, sterling silver, cotton

Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.4 cm

Photographer: Andrew Barcham


Title: Watery pool (detail). 2016.

Materials: Cotton, silk, powder coated brass & sterling silver

Dimensions: 35.5 x 20 x 0.7 cm

Photographer: Andrew Barcham


Title: Correa alba series. 2016.

Materials: Powder coated brass, sterling silver, cotton, linen

Dimensions: Largest – 6.9 x 6.9 x 1.4 cm

Photographer: Andrew Barcham


Title: Bottlebrush garland. 2016.

Materials: Linen, brass, sterling silver

Dimensions: 29 x 25 x 3.5 cm

Photographer: Andrew Barcham


You will be able to see Vicki Mason’s work in e.g.etal, Melbourne

in February 2017. Stay tuned, I will post the dates as soon as I have them!!







Art Journal, an act of Mindfulness.

introspection 1 week 2Season of Introspection, Week 2.

‘Who in the world am I? Ah, that is the great puzzle’. Louis Carrol from Alice in Wonderland.

Flow Magazine landed in our shop a few years ago and that inspiring publication introduced me to concepts of mindfulness. By simply focusing on the present, checking in with my thoughts, feelings and what my body was experiencing, would create a state of mindfulness. This state of mindfulness is an inner space that can facilitate calm, healing and allows you to be fully present in your day to day. That is something to encourage right?

introspection 3 week 2

Torrie’s art prompts for week 2 brought this into sharp focus for me. To list your own shortcomings  and then collage that material into a positive art journal page, as an expression of myself, seemed like mindfulness in action.

introspection 4 week 2

Well, one page became three as I explored this prompt. I realised that, yes, expressing your creativity is an act of mindfulness, but, it is also an opportunity to transform. Concepts transform into art journal pages. Negative thoughts can have the opportunity to be accepted,and even moved on to more positive thoughts. The idea that we can transform ourselves, or our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, as well as our shortcomings is a very hopeful thought.

introspection 2 week 2

I chose the image of the tree and flowers because they represent the cycle of life and transformation.. I love to work with trees and flowers in real life as well as in design motifs. The elements of water, earth, air and sunlight are transformed to become these beautiful entities from the plant world.

I listed my shortcomings as well as my positive attributes on a separate page. Writing the words, then cutting the shapes, choosing my colours and shapes, I lost all sense of time and started to feel like I was capturing a moment of potential, weaving a lovely secret spell.


The Season of Introspection.


Season of Introspection, Week One.

So much about the Get Messy Season of Introspection feels right.

For one thing, here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are going into Winter.

This new Season of Introspection is a perfect fit for the coming Winter months. Did you know that Winter, in many cultures and in many alternate medicine modalities, is an opportunity to attune to the season by taking stock and getting in touch with your inner thoughts and inner self?  Further in that vein, Winter, is also the time to be mindful of where you are at on a physical level and then to take the time to build and nourish yourself for the coming Summer time.

And here is something else. I joined The Get Messy Art Journal Group to learn new techniques and challenge myself by getting out of my comfort zone. I have been out of my comfort zone all year so far and it has been an experience of expansion and learning. That challenge has continued with the new season request from Caylee and Lauren, that we try working with an altered book.

altered book

This is my altered book choice. The Snow Leopard, written by Paul West and published in 1964. It is a book of poetry I picked up in an op-shop and has been waiting for just the right opportunity. Especially loving it’s petite A5 dimensions and natty board covers, it’s stitched-in pages and lovely aged papers. I started painting the inside cover, check out this little video!

Not to malign the author in any way, I knew that feeling ambivalent about the poems inside would allow me to ‘alter’ the books pages. It is a bit of a thing to get over that feeling that you are somehow defacing a book!

ink blot 2 600

The Ink Blot Tutorial by Vanessa, kick started the new Season with a fresh and fun painting technique that brings memories of childhood painting. It has been so entertaining reading the group’s interpretations ( a la Rorschach Test!) of all the ink blot creations in the Get Messy Facebook feed.

Introspection 2 week 1

Vanessa’s art prompt to use the inkblot painting as background to a self portrait, resonated with me. In my Ink blot painting, I first saw a leaf and then a tree. The trees branches hold some ideas that represent my connection to my environment, near and far.

Can’t seem to break away from the watercolour and Rotring pen combination!

introspection week 1

This page has it’s inspiration from Katie’s prompt – to show the special places you go to think and reflect. Recalling these special places to my mind,  I realise that I am lucky to have these places to retreat to when I can.






Looking for Inspiration? Try Participate Uppercase. — The Creatory


Artwork by Melissa Washburn.


One thing we plan not to change around here is our journal. Gill and I see the journal as an opportunity to stay in touch with you, our community. We love to share our creative journey and the journey of other creative folk too. We would be so chuffed if you would tag along and…

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Essentials of List Making

‘Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself.’  Pat Conroy

Season of Lists 03.

Part of playing around with this season’s prompts has been like learning to play with a new toy you didn’t know you wanted but then can’t put down. I discovered there is something about writing a list that helps create a state of mindfulness.

Right now 800

Making a list seems to pare a thing, a thought, back to it’s essentials and there is something a little zen about that process.

magic 800

‘Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself.’ is Pat Conroy’s well chosen quote on the Get Messy List prompts for week 3. Writing is a great tool for helping to get clarity. I also think that art, art journaling, music, craft and other creative pursuits, do the same very important, sanity saving job for people too.

That challenge of thinking of things in terms of a list, hasn’t come naturally but it has helped me manage the stress of a huge month full of change, of beginnings and endings. Got me thinking in a different way. I value that.

Ciao for now.




Make New Mistakes.

Do you know about ‘brainpickings’? It is a monthly journal, amazingly curated by writer Maria Popova. Very simply, each edition is packed full of wonderful pieces of writing that inspire, educate, elucidate and generally explore what it is to live a creative life.

This post in this edition of ‘brainpickings’ was what helped me nail my list this week.


Here is a little from author, Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” Speech, that so inspired.

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something.

So that’s my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good enough, or it isn’t perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life.

Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, Do it.

Make your mistakes, next year and forever.”   Neil Gaiman.

Lists 002. When I Grow Up…

make 800

I wanted to be able to remember those ideas and use them when I needed encouragement.

What was the best way for me to do that?  Turn his lovely words into a list!

I want to go…

tea 800

I have been doing Fox and Hazel’s 30 Days Water colour Challenge. So I guess it is no surprise that this weeks lists are all in water colour.

i want to go

Making a small water colour everyday really is a challenge. Doing it has made me feel like I am on a creative journey, it is showing me things about myself and it has pushed me to try  lots of technique related things. Social media has let me peek into the hearts and minds of others in the challenge. I love that!!

Ciao for now.