Art Journal, an act of Mindfulness.

introspection 1 week 2Season of Introspection, Week 2.

‘Who in the world am I? Ah, that is the great puzzle’. Louis Carrol from Alice in Wonderland.

Flow Magazine landed in our shop a few years ago and that inspiring publication introduced me to concepts of mindfulness. By simply focusing on the present, checking in with my thoughts, feelings and what my body was experiencing, would create a state of mindfulness. This state of mindfulness is an inner space that can facilitate calm, healing and allows you to be fully present in your day to day. That is something to encourage right?

introspection 3 week 2

Torrie’s art prompts for week 2 brought this into sharp focus for me. To list your own shortcomings¬† and then collage that material into a positive art journal page, as an expression of myself, seemed like mindfulness in action.

introspection 4 week 2

Well, one page became three as I explored this prompt. I realised that, yes, expressing your creativity is an act of mindfulness, but, it is also an opportunity to transform. Concepts transform into art journal pages. Negative thoughts can have the opportunity to be accepted,and even moved on to more positive thoughts. The idea that we can transform ourselves, or our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, as well as our shortcomings is a very hopeful thought.

introspection 2 week 2

I chose the image of the tree and flowers because they represent the cycle of life and transformation.. I love to work with trees and flowers in real life as well as in design motifs. The elements of water, earth, air and sunlight are transformed to become these beautiful entities from the plant world.

I listed my shortcomings as well as my positive attributes on a separate page. Writing the words, then cutting the shapes, choosing my colours and shapes, I lost all sense of time and started to feel like I was capturing a moment of potential, weaving a lovely secret spell.



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