The Season of Introspection.


Season of Introspection, Week One.

So much about the Get Messy Season of Introspection feels right.

For one thing, here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are going into Winter.

This new Season of Introspection is a perfect fit for the coming Winter months. Did you know that Winter, in many cultures and in many alternate medicine modalities, is an opportunity to attune to the season by taking stock and getting in touch with your inner thoughts and inner self?  Further in that vein, Winter, is also the time to be mindful of where you are at on a physical level and then to take the time to build and nourish yourself for the coming Summer time.

And here is something else. I joined The Get Messy Art Journal Group to learn new techniques and challenge myself by getting out of my comfort zone. I have been out of my comfort zone all year so far and it has been an experience of expansion and learning. That challenge has continued with the new season request from Caylee and Lauren, that we try working with an altered book.

altered book

This is my altered book choice. The Snow Leopard, written by Paul West and published in 1964. It is a book of poetry I picked up in an op-shop and has been waiting for just the right opportunity. Especially loving it’s petite A5 dimensions and natty board covers, it’s stitched-in pages and lovely aged papers. I started painting the inside cover, check out this little video!

Not to malign the author in any way, I knew that feeling ambivalent about the poems inside would allow me to ‘alter’ the books pages. It is a bit of a thing to get over that feeling that you are somehow defacing a book!

ink blot 2 600

The Ink Blot Tutorial by Vanessa, kick started the new Season with a fresh and fun painting technique that brings memories of childhood painting. It has been so entertaining reading the group’s interpretations ( a la Rorschach Test!) of all the ink blot creations in the Get Messy Facebook feed.

Introspection 2 week 1

Vanessa’s art prompt to use the inkblot painting as background to a self portrait, resonated with me. In my Ink blot painting, I first saw a leaf and then a tree. The trees branches hold some ideas that represent my connection to my environment, near and far.

Can’t seem to break away from the watercolour and Rotring pen combination!

introspection week 1

This page has it’s inspiration from Katie’s prompt – to show the special places you go to think and reflect. Recalling these special places to my mind,  I realise that I am lucky to have these places to retreat to when I can.







11 thoughts on “The Season of Introspection.

  1. Clare at CatsEatDogs says:

    I never thought about the winter months like that and I love it! It is sweltering summer here, so I am of course looking forward to cooler weather.
    Your pages are lovely, it is hard to ‘deface’ a book isn’t it!
    I like the way you have drawn framed pictures in your book with clips too, they are so effective.


    • Romana says:

      Hey Clare, I wish it was sweltering Summer over here right now! It was a bit of a thing to get over the altered book thing. I am happy to say your blog post on the subject helped me a lot. Thanks for your positive feedback!


    • Romana says:

      Hi Gilly, I left a comment over on your blog. Sounds like you are enjoying the new Season as much as I? I did paint the little squares in water colour. I very much want to improve my painting skills and I just love the immediacy of painting what I want to see on a page, rather than having to find an image in a mag or elsewhere. Well for now anyhow! Thanks for your kind words!


    • Romana says:

      Hi Mary, I had a peek at your work and your altered books are lovely too. Thank you for your generous feedback, very much appreciated. And those bird pix!!


    • Romana says:

      Thank you Kelli. It is always an interesting excercise to do a self portrait from time to time. Kelli, I had a quick look to see if I could see some of your work on line. I am at a trade fair till Sunday and will be flat out till then, so haven’t had time to search properly! Do send me your the name of your instagram account or blog.


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