Season of Lists


‘There is nothing more wonderful than a list, instrument of wondrous hypotyposis.’

Umberto Eco.

Yes, I love a list, but I’ll admit it, I had to look up what hypotyposis means….Mr Google says ‘a vivid picturesque description of a thing or event’. Adding a dictionary definition just took me straight back to primary school homework!!  That done, it seemed pretty clear that Mr Eco loves a list too. Up to now, I have thought of list making as a tool for managing my days. Enjoyable, rewarding and when you get to put a line through those entries, super satisfying too. This art journal group is dipping it’s big toe into a whole new set of prompts and it won’t take long before we are jumping right in. The girls over at Get Messy have joined forces with Amy and Kam from 30 Days of Lists and the new Season, Messy Lists has now begun.

breathe 1 800.jpg

The poem by Sarah L Harvey, pretty much sums up how I am going to approach the period of time I have ahead of me, it will be a time of great change and uncertainty. The simple words of the poem definitely work as a call to mindfulness and a reminder of lesson learned.

breathe 2 800

breathe 3 800

breathe 4 800

breathe 5 800

breathe 7 800

My Mum recently handed me back a big bundle of beautiful vintage lace samples that I had left behind so long ago and had forgotten about completely. It was a going to be a perfect opportunity for collage and I was able to use two of them in the ‘List’ album pages, which felt pretty darn good.

As you can see, I tried out Tanya Lee’s accordion album idea. I really love the way the folds of the album  move, showing you first one page or two and then, the whole length of the album, definitely recommend giving it a go!







6 thoughts on “Season of Lists

    • Romana says:

      Thanks Gilly. The lace is amazing. It is from a collection of lace samples that are all glued onto pages and must be quite old. I have had them for so long, not knowing how I would use them, until now!


    • Romana says:

      I highly recommend trying it Deb. It was a refreshing change playing around with a different format, and one of the nicest things is how the folds in the booklet move as you turn the leaves. Give it a go!


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