The Art of Happiness

‘The art of happiness lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things’.

Henry Ward Beecher.

The above quote seems especially true of childhood.

When I followed the recommendation of the Get Messy Journal prompt, to quiz a parent on what made you happiest as a child, I didn’t really expect to hear any stories I had not heard before. My sisters and I loved to play dress ups, that wasn’t news. The surprise, was the way Mum shared her memory of the way we used to play together. It was like she could see the three of us in her mind’s eye and as she spoke. Her words just conjured a moment that I could actually feel, bringing back the sense of what it was like to play. It was as if I was right back there. Do you remember that feeling of being completely immersed in the game of whatever story or world we had created as a child? As an adult, I now recognise that feeling of complete absorption and focus, mostly, when I am making and creating. These pages are a message to me from my childhood, reminding me of the power of play, and reminding me to play!

dressups 800

I decided to put these up unfinished and with spelling errors intact. I seems I can’t drive a date stamp either…

dressups 2 800

The parts that work for me are the scanned prints of the vintage fabric that came out of my Mum’s fabric stash. I could not believe she still had these! The orange piece on the left of the top image, was from curtains she made for our bedroom when I was eight. The three girls and the girl wearing Mum’s shoes are thanks to Pinterest and couldn’t be a more perfect representation of our dress up efforts, raiding Mum’s wardrobe and our dress up box.

under the silvery moon

This page came out of another project I was working on for Easter. I wanted my rabbits to be big, strong and wild like the ‘Lapinduce’ in The D.M.Cornish, Monster Blood Tattoo Trilogy  book, Factotum.

Happiness is… dancing under the moonlight and these capering Rabbits are doing just that.

I have been so engaged by all the prompts and inspiration Lauren, Caylee and the team have thrown our way, it feels a little sad to have this season come to an end. On the bright side, there are more challenges to come.



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