Not good enough, is not good enough any more.

nearly perfect 800Flow Magazine.

No sooner did I throw all these gorgeously coloured balls into the air, that I promptly dropped them and ran for cover. I quickly realised my inner critique was running the show and holding me back from sharing…anything.

My inner sound track would go something like this, ‘well, that needs more work’, or, ‘that’s a bit ordinary, not really good enough to put out there’. Sound familiar?

I don’t believe Everything you create should get shared without some editing or a little discernment. I started this blog as a way of getting consistent with my art practice, as another way to explore aspects of self expression. In the last few weeks, I have come to understand that the journey you undertake when you create, is worth sharing.

And here is a lovely moment of serendipity. The new Flow Magazine came out this week and the back cover just kind of wrapped up my recent experience and helped me get a little perspective.

‘Nearly perfect is just as good’.

Using one of the prompts for ‘Get Messy’, I am expressing emotion as colour.

free 800

and on a lighter note, playing with monochrome again and things that make me happy!

mono 800

So here’s to not even close to perfect, but celebrating the journey!



Art journal play

paint 1000

2016 has me wanting to try new things, and explore ideas and creativity.

So, I opened an Etsy Shop, which is exciting. Then, I put pen to paper for my first ever blog post under my own moniker, I can’t tell you how long that took for me to jump in and do that thing! Joining the Get Messy Art Journal group was my next endeavor,so 2016 is off to a great start.

The learning curve on all this is feeling pretty steep right now but I am looking forward to what I can share and learn and seeing where all this will take me.

The on-line community at Get Messy is vibrant and generous and the concepts and regular prompts have been inspiring and challenging. I am planning on posting my journey with art journaling here, so look out for some of those pages.